Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Sorry to do this...

...not to bum people out but this story breaks my heart:

"Lost dad found dead in wilderness."

This LA Times story, though not updated with news of Kim's death, provides more background on what happened.

The Kims own the boutique DOE, which I used to peek in on since it's in the Lower Haight, down the street from other stores I'd frequent. I never met James, I may have met his wife at one point but regardless, I cannot begin to imagine how incredibly terrible all of this was for the entire family.

--Poppa Large


daddy in a strange land said...

Wow. Just found out on Kimchi Mamas (Stefania's been blogging about it since they were reported missing). I can't even imagine... Just so sad.

Susan said...

It is so unbelievably sad. He was a total rice daddy. I've been following this story almost obsessively, and I screamed in my office when I just read the news. It's hugely tragic.

Henri said...

Yeah, I've been following the story too and my wife has been to their shop. I'm really really broken up about this.

R2Dad said...

Sad, hugely tragic...and avoidable. They have not confirmed, but by the sound of the scattered clothing he became hyperthermic, peeled his clothes off (hypothermia gives the sensation of being very hot), and froze. Little consolation to those kids and his wife. I've been in those mountains in those conditions--Oregon isn't like California, where they stop you if you don't have chains or snow tires.
If only they got to him sooner. 11 days must have seemed like 40 years in the desert. Risked his own life to save his family--gotta respect that in a man.