Friday, December 22, 2006

New TV Series Puts Rice Daddy and His Kids Centerframe

For the first time since Margaret Cho's ill-fated All American Girl, there's an Asian American TV series in potential play: My Life Disoriented. Here's the breakdown:
    "Life gets turned upside down for Kimberlee and Aimee Fung when their father decides to leave his well-paying corporate executive job in San Francisco and move the family to Bakersfield, CA. Moving in with grandparents and helping out with the family business, a massage parlor called “Touch of the Orient,” add to the remodeling of their lives. If the social pressure of starting at a new high school in the middle of the school year weren’t enough, Kimberlee and Aimee are among only a handful of Asian American kids at North High. They soon realize that every choice they make—from where to sit at lunch to what clubs to join—will determine where and if they fit in."
Some of our fave talents are involved including director Eric Byler (Charlotte Sometimes) and actor Dennis Dun (where has he been the last, you know, 15 years?) and PBS is going to give the ep its first run in the next week or so (it will be on in L.A. and S.F. on 12/26).

We haven't seen anything from this but youtube clips are here and here. We're probably just a little older than the target demographic (from the sound of it, this show sounds like My So-Called Life meets, um, uh, uh, well - this is the point, there IS no comparison with in the Asian American media world. Maybe if they're lucky enough to get picked up, Yul Kwon can guest.

--Poppa Large


daddy in a strange land said...



Henri said...

My Life DisORIENTed? A massage parlor? Seriously this is a joke right? And can I get a raise of hands of people who enjoyed Charlotte Sometimes?

Bako's coming up.

Henri said...

Hey cousin Tamlyn is in it. Ok I take back any apprehension I had.

Ka_Jun said...

Saw it last night in Pittsburgh, interesting. "Twinkie" dropped in the first episode.

Henri said...

I just caught the very end of the show. They seriously need to fire the Goth consultant. Although I guess that might actually be the Bako idea of Goth in which case they are subtle and brilliant.

daddy in a strange land said...

Best dialogue (for someone who lives in Bakersfield):

Aimee: This place smells like cow.

Phil: No, this place smells like what comes out of cows.

Heh. So, so true.

Sugarbread said...

I saw this on PBS the other day as a short film. It was okay. Nothing amazing. Just mediocre. Sometimes I get tired of being excited about Asian American projects just because they are Asian, and not because they are profoundly original or excellent in any way.

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