Monday, March 06, 2006

For Our Sistas Holdin' It Down and Gettin' Paid (wanna get published?)

Just got a notice from some college classmates about a book they're editing about Asian Pacific American women and work, and they're looking for first-person essays about a variety of topics that fit under that rubric. Of particular interest, I'm sure, to readers of this blog is the intersection of work and famiy. The entire call for submissions is reprinted below, but pass this on to interested sisters/mothers/daughters/partners/baby-mamas/etc. (they're looking for a multiplicity of voices and experiences, including those of "new" writers).


Asian Pacific American Women's Experiences at Work

Edited by Angela Tolosa, Savitha Reddy, and Sonal Patel

Slated for Winter 2007

Women of Asian Pacific descent have been making strides in the workplace for over 100 years in the United States. As a "double minority" population, they have faced successes and challenges that define and question the construction of Asian Pacific American female identity. This anthology will reveal women's experiences and insights on "how to make a living" – however that is defined – in society today and over the years.

The editors seek personal essays written in first-person that expound on the real-life trials and tribulations of cultivating a profession and/or career. We are looking for creative and thoughtful personal essays from women of Asian Pacific descent of all classes, ethnicities, abilities, sexualities, religions, and nationalities. Submissions from emerging as well as established writers will be accepted. We welcome and will consider new ideas in addition to the topics suggested below.

Possible topics include:

• History of APA women in the workplace

• Career advice (i.e. How to make it as…a corporate attorney, actress, journalist, etc.)

• Climbing the ladder – leadership and management in the workplace

• Family and career

• Interracial workplace dynamics

• Entrepreneurship

• Working abroad

• Education

• Networking

EDITORS: Angela Tolosa, Savitha Reddy and Sonal Patel are native New Yorkers who have worked in the fields of corporate law, education, non-profit management, and Asian American issues for over nine years. With her background in public television, Ms. Tolosa works in special projects and development for the Center for Court Innovation, a think tank that promotes and implements court reform both locally and beyond. Ms. Reddy is now a practicing attorney at Holland & Knight in New York, where she focuses on corporate and securities law. An experienced litigator, Ms. Patel is the director of the Immigrant Students Rights project of Advocates for Children of New York, the leading educational advocacy organization in New York City.


March 20, 2006 Submit statement of intent

May 1, 2006 Submit paper

Early submissions are appreciated.

LENGTH: 3,000-6,000 words

FORMAT: Essays must be typed, double-spaced, and paginated. Please include your address, phone number, email address, and a short bio on the last page. No simultaneous submissions. Previously published essays will be considered. Essays will not be returned. Essays will not be published without the writer's consent.

SUBMITTING: Electronic submissions are preferred. Send essay electronically as a Word or Rich Text Format file (with .doc or .rtf extension) to Write "Pioneer Anthology" in the subject line. If email is not possible, mail four (4) copies of the essay to Pioneer c/o Angela Tolosa, 160 West 66th Street, Suite 20A, New York, NY 10023. Please direct any inquiries to

PAYMENT: $50-$100 plus one book


REPLY: Please allow until September 1 for a response. If you have not received a response by then, please assume your essay has not been selected. It is not possible to reply to every submission personally.


L. said...

Oh dear God, I just had a scary moment.

I thought, "Oh, I would LOVE to contribute to that!"

And then I remembered that though the rest of my family is Asian, I am not.

Ha! The joke`s on me! Sorry, white girl!

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