Friday, March 10, 2006

Supernanny wants YOU! (Who, me? Couldn't be!)

Via Angry Asian Man comes this casting call:

ABC's hit show SUPERNANNY is currently looking for Asian-American families with children (infant to teens) to take part in its hit television series featuring Jo Frost, one of the United Kingdom's top nannies.

Using the expert techniques that have made ABC's SUPERNANNY a hit show, (and her book a New York Times bestseller), Jo Frost works with families to help tame even the rowdiest infants, kids and teens, restoring balance to American households. Jo offers hands-on advice to parents on how to achieve the best possible work/family balance, get the best out of kids, (while still letting them be kids), and guide the family unit to a positive place. The series is an intelligent, informative look at childcare and parenting in the 21st century.

What are the parenting challenges particular to Asian-American family life? How are the issues in the APA family exactly like every other family? Supernanny is interested in showing our national audience the ups and down of parenting in families of all ethnic/national backgrounds; we haven't yet had an Asian-American family on our show and we're actively looking!

Interested families should email us at , or go to keyword "supernanny," or call 1-877-NANNY-TIME.

AAM writes that "it would be kind of interesting to see an Asian American family on the show."

What, and expose all that model-minority/inscrutable-Asian stuff for the lies and stereotypes they are? On national t.v.? By letting our kids have tantrums on the floor and beat us into submission? Heh.

Well, any takers? MetroDad, Peanut still kicking your ass?


MetroDad said...

Funny. I was contacted recently by the producers of "Wife Swap" to consider being on THAT show. Unfortunately, the Peanut is too young but I would have loved to see BossLady stuck on a farm in rural Arkansas with a bunch of country bumpkins wielding horse manure and pitchforks. Hell, I would have PAID to see that!

As for "Supernanny"? I've only watched the show once but I kind of liked that little Mary Poppins thing she's got going on. But I agree with you, Daddy. If anything, it would have been fun to expose all the model minority stereotypes for a national audience. How funny would it have been to put the Peanut down to sleep with Supernanny...but then bust out a blunt, turn up the Kanye, snarf some Wasabe peas, and watch some baseball on TV. (You know. All those things that Asian-Americans do when nobody's watching!)

Nah....I think I'll pass.

thisislarry said...

You mean its all a stereotype? You mean I can relax and not stress about letting my kids stay up late to watch Dancing With The Stars?

Man, talk about lifting some heavy baggage.

respectfully yours,
- another rice daddie

Melissa said...

I really want to know where they found the rowdy infants? MD- Man that's mean. But can you imagine who they would put with you?