Monday, March 06, 2006

Past Due

Our little guy was due yesterday. Didn't show. He now makes my wife's stomach very lobsided. At times squarish like regifted package that was never opened. My wife is disappointed and can't wait for our little kicker to get off her pubic bone. Me, it buys a few more days to get ready, arrange furniture, prepare more to be off at work, and bone up on baby procedures. Our guy was suppose to be born the same day as one of my guy friends. A sigh of relief for that -- love my friend --but way too neurotic, way way too neurotic. No being born under the weight of unrealistic expectations in the fourth phase of worry. Let him blaze his own trail.

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daddy in a strange land said...

We're thinking of you guys, and hoping for the best. We can't wait till The Pumpkin has a new playmate! Hope you got your lesson plans done. :)