Sunday, March 05, 2006

Grandpa gets away with anything, eh?

Thanks to Angry Asian Man for the head's-up about the ad Canadian coffee-and-donut company Tim Hortons started running during the Winter Olympics, which you can check out yourself by clicking here.

Part of the chain's "every cup tells a story" campaign, the ad shows a Chinese immigrant grandpa coming to his grandson's hockey game (coffee in hand, of course), to the surprise of his son. Said son, of course, is shown in flashbacks being discouraged from hockey by his dear old dad in favor of, what else, studying. "He's better than you," Ah-gong says. "How would you know?" our north-of-the-border Rice Daddy brother retorts. Gramps proves he cared back then, decades late, by pulling out a weathered hockey photo of his son from his wallet. Years of first-vs.-second-generation-cultural-conflict bitterness melt away as the son looks at the photo and says, "Thanks for coming, dad." To which the coffee-slurping hockey fan replies...

"Give me my picture back."

Funny, eh?

(Read here for a Canadian journalist's slightly bitter answer to that rhetorical question. Hint: he dubs Ah-gong the archetype of the "Anti-Hockey Grandpa." Somebody's got issues....)

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