Thursday, March 02, 2006

iDaddy in the house!

Thank you DIASL! My first "real" blog! Allow me to introduce myself...iDaddy. Why did I chose that SN? I'm obsessed with Apple. I guess it stems from my early childhood in the early 80's typing away on my Apple IIe, playing games like parachute, and coding in BASIC. It was so easy back then:

10 Home
20 Print "Welcome to Rice Daddies"
30 Goto 20
40 End

Fast forward a little to the Apple IIGS, and then our Apples were replaced by the PC. Only within the past three years did I make the switch back to Apple, and then my obsession began with the G5. One iPod turned to two, and then to three--along with the countless accessories that make the iPod such a cool gadget. What does this have to do with being a dad? Well, just like I grew up with Apple, I want Pogi, our 6-month old son, to grow up with it as well. He already has his own iPod and he loves plugging away on the G5. I got him the cool
ipodmybaby onesie, and hopefully, our shares of AAPL puts him through college!

BTW, that's not his real name. It means handsome in Tagalog. Oh, forgot to mention my credentials for being a Rice Daddy! I'm Filipino, as is the wife. She was born in the Philippines, but I was born in Italy, being a military brat.

Continuing with the introductions, I'm a 32 year old IT professional working as an Army contractor in Northern Virginia. I'm a first time Daddy and having a blast! I love coming home to him and seeing him smile ear-to-ear when I say his name.

Thanks again for letting me join this great group of Dads. Long live Rice Daddies!


Puka said...

My husband is a Mac geek as well. ^_^ I'm partial to Mac/Apple myself but I'm not a geek...hehe. Welcome to Rice Daddies! Your little guy is a cutie.

Deanna said...

Welcome to the crowd! You have the requisite adorable baby - you're in. :)

peachboy said...

Your BASIC program is an endless loop. Cute baby!