Monday, March 06, 2006

Rice Kings at the Academy Awards

Having, at one point or another, personally dated every single color of the rainbow, I'm not really one to comment in regards to peoples' racial or ethnic preferences when it comes to dating. But watching the Oscars last night? I have to ask one thing...

Was it just me, or did all the White guys who were nominated (or won) for their work on "Memoirs of a Geisha" have Asian dates?

Seriously, I must have counted at least six Rice Kings in the audience! All geeky white guys with Asian dates who vaguely resembled not only each other but also what I would imagine Sandra Oh and Margaret Cho's illegitimate love-child to look like. Interesting, no?

Did nobody else pick up on this? Or am I the only one?

Feel free to discuss amongst yourselves.


Hip Hop Mama said...

Oh Totally! I too, have dated just about every shade but I defintiely noticed. I figured Asian Girls are en vogue now.

Halle must be passe.

Gandalf Mantooth said...

funny i emailed someone about this very subject. so no you are not the only one.

But why you gotta hate on Margaret? :)

Stefania Pomponi Butler aka CityMama said...

I didn't notice, but I am LMAO at the definition of Rice King.