Friday, March 31, 2006

Scenes from the Home Front

Setting: Home, Working Momma's day off.
SAHD is in kitchen, prepping dinner.

WM (from baby's room across house): Honey, can you come here? The diaper thingy's full!

Back in the kitchen, after changing the bag thingy and throwing out the sack of diapers.

SAHD (chopping garlic): Sweetie, remind me, I gotta show you how to change the bags in the diaper thingy.

WM (smiling sweetly): But honey, that's a daddy job. I'm the mommy.

SAHD (avoids chopping off his fingers): Let me take a break from cooking dinner and wipe my hands on this dishtowel that I just washed in the laundry so we can have this conversation. What do you do, again?

WM (smiling sweetly): I'm the mommy. I got boobs, babe. Do you got milk coming out of your nipples?

SAHD: No, but I have a blog.

Seriously though, reader The Queen's Dad gave me a link to an interesting SAHD website/bulletin board, particularly a thread on SAHD burn-out after he read my little existential-angst-on-my-birthday post on my solo blog. I so do not have it bad in any way, shape or form—some of these brothers seem to be married to reincarnations of stereotypes of dads from the 1950s in women's bodies. Any SAHDs, or even non-SAHDs, have stories out there about butting up against gender roles, especially ones that are Asian-culture-based?


la doctora said...

Okay, it's not that taking out dirty diapers are a "dad" or "male" thing, it's just that I don't like trash.

Of course, what do I do all day? Stick my hands in... places I don't want to think about. That glamorous picture of doctors saving lives they paint on t.v.? Yeah, not so much.)

Maybe that's the key. I should bring home a few boxes of latex gloves from work and pretend I'm doing a pap smear or a rectal.

Pete said...

I have to back la dra on this one. I've spent enough time in healthcare to know that she gets enough um...unappealing stuff in each day to make our SAHD daily diaper blowouts seem pretty mild.

Glad to see so much new material today and thanks for the nod in my direction.

--Pete:The Queen's Dad--

Kristen said...

I imagine the last thing you want to do after a long day up someone's crotch or butthole is take out the trash.

I say get the wheel of responsiblitiy - it solves all problems. You just have to jimmy-rig it to always land on dad.

(click on my name...)

mike said...

I have to say that our trash can definitely be as scary as a pap smear sometimes with all the korean spices getting mixed into the regular trash. I think I may go ahead and get some gloves in the future!!!

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