Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Tell Me More: Dad as Teacher

There was an interesting discussion on NPR's Tell Me More about fathers getting involved in their children's education. I didn't respond in time to be on air but wrote a post accompanying the segment.

After the fact, I began thinking about the things my dad taught me. I love my father but we don't exactly have a Brady Bunch type relationship. I wondered how much of my relationship with my father is cultural - traditional and/or pop - and how much is just personality?

Monday, September 27, 2010

bigWOWO Podcast with James and Ben

My latest podcast featured James from Alpha-Asian and Ben from Conceived and Composed. In this latest installment, we talk about what it’s like to be a dad. You’ll hear how new dads James and Ben live today, what they were thinking before they had kids, and what life lessons they hope to impart to their kids. See it on bigWOWO here, or download it directly here.

It was pretty cool to talk about fatherhood with two other Asian American dads. Maybe we can do this in the future again, or maybe other Rice Daddies would like to weigh in. All of us are relatively new dads, and I'm sure some of the more experienced dads would probably have a lot to say.

Daddy Bloggers on the Rise

I thought some of you might enjoy the video above. I was a bit surprised by the stats at the end. 42% of dads are sole providers? I'm glad some people are making big bucks in this economy!