Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Help the Alphabet Rockers Fund Their TV Pilot!

My friends Stefanie Liang and Kaitlin McGaw, along with their collaborator Tommy Shepherd, have been entertaining and educating crowds of children for the past several years as the Alphabet Rockers -- and are now trying to make the jump to TV!

They've been writing and performing positive, educational hip-hop songs for live audiences around the country, and amassing fans of all ages along the way. One key feature of their songs is that they make tolerable the endless repetition that your toddler will inevitably demand.

They're about halfway into a $30k Kickstarter fundraising campaign to fund their pilot and have just over a week to raise the rest. Please visit their page and pitch in a few bucks -- or even a few thousand! It'd be great to see these guys on TV.

Here's their Kickstarter video:

And a few of their music videos: