Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Radio Flyer Wagon: The Sinister Chariot of the Occult

Behold the Radio Flyer Pathfinder Wagon.

It's an award-winning cherry-red two-seater with molded-in cupholders (for juice boxes and sippy cups). Plus, it's plastic, which means I won't kill myself hauling it up hilly sidewalks.

Last night, while holiday shopping online, I considered purchasing the
wagon on But after carefully examining the text on the Target website, I had some second thoughts. Do I really want to buy a wagon that's listed by the store under "Subjects: Religion & Spirituality: Occult"? Does it make sense to strap my kid into a piece of plastic that Target lumps together with other "Similar Items" like "NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCES"?

The answer is still probably "yes." I'm a sucker for cupholders.

(In case the good folks at Target edit their page, a screenshot can be found here.)


Anonymous said...

That's pretty funny. But, I can verify that it is a pretty good wagon. We've been pulling our twins around in it for 3 years.

Although, with the profanities that roll through my head when I have to pull it up a hill with 80 lbs of kids, maybe it is demonically posesed or something.

daddy in a strange land said...

Heh. Weird.

BTW, F-Bomb, good to have you back, it's been a while! Don't be a stranger!