Monday, January 28, 2008

"Baa baa baa! Baa baa baa!"

If our baby's babble factored into our choice for president, we'd probably have to toss our votes to Ron Paul, or whatever candidate's name comes close to "rrrraaaaappppplllllllaaaaaalllrrrr."

In exclaiming "Baa baa baa! Baa baa baa!" this AAPI baby above obviously favors Senator Barack Obama as his choice for President.

Does your child support any of the Presidential candidates? Hit us up in the comments.


Anonymous said...

Ron Paul is what our country needs, especially for the Asian American community!

Ron Paul's stance on small government would be most beneficial to our hard working immigrant communities. Gone will be the days where all of our hard earned money gets taken by income tax.

For more information, visit

I'm Chinese American, and I'm voting for Ron Paul.


SoulSnax said...

Unfortunately for Ron Paul, he doesn't know how to court Hollywood and the media. That's why he doesn't stand a chance. Ask any kid who Ron Paul is, and they'll be like uh, "did he sleep with Angelina or Paris?" or "Was he on Oprah?"

On top of that, he's running as a Republican (which signifies nothing by the way). It's a shame, because a lot of people like to call themselves liberals these days (because it's fashionable), without knowing what it means to be a liberal. For many of them, being a liberal simply means NOT voting Republican.

Our Founding Fathers were indeed liberals -- classical liberals, to be specific. But sadly, barely anyone knows what that means... unless they are supporters of Ron Paul.

So, no matter who you choose to vote for, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE get to know each of the candidates before you pull that lever. Be an informed voter.

As citizens of a democracy, we have an obligation to make informed decisions. With freedom comes responsibility.

daddy in a strange land said...


SoulSnax said...

I found this interactive site to be very useful in outlining many of the key issues relevant to the 2008 campaign. Take the quiz, and find out which candidates have beliefs similar to your own.

Interestingly, the quiz pointed out issues that I needed to brush up on in order to make a more informed decision. Take this opportunity to educate yourself: