Thursday, September 04, 2008

Get a Rice Baby for that new Rice Daddy

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Here's a thoughtful gift for that new rice daddy in your life.

From a second-hand description someone forwarded me, maybe from trendwatching, (the original site's in Japanese):

"Yosimiya is selling bags of rice printed with a newborn's photo, name and date of birth. The bags are shaped to resemble a swaddled baby. But the key feature is that the bags contain the baby's exact weight in rice. Holding the bag will therefore feel like holding the baby. Bags of rice with baby's photos printed on them aren't new in Japan, by Yosimiya is the first to make them to order, creating bags that match the baby's size and weight."



Anonymous said...

How funny--who knew the Japanese were so sentimental?

illahee said...

i believe the original intention was to send this gift of rice to someone far away from the baby, relatives who couldn't come and visit, and they got the 'idea' of holding the baby. does that make sense?

supposedly this started in fukuoka but i don't know exactly where (otherwise i would have sought it out and blogged about it!! lol )


I like this idea, pretty interesting...too bad my son is now two, maybe I could give this out at his 3rd birthdat, although it's be a pretty big bag off rice...hmmm...must rethink this through


I must be drunk blogging with that many small words mispelled...oophs

Henri said...

Does it come in burrito?

"I've eaten burritos bigger than you son."