Monday, December 01, 2008

Lost Weekend

Drove up to the in-laws the day after Thanksgiving. Ate both mandu soup and radish soup (pictured above). Watched Forgetting Sarah Marshall with in-laws present (awwwkward!). Took the kids to the huge playground in Redding. But the highlight had to have been SLAPPING DOWN A 7-TILE, 70-POINT BINGO ON THE LAST PLAY TO BEAT MY FATHER-IN-LAW IN SCRABBLE.

God that felt good.

Carry on,



thisislarry said...

a bingo, that's hardcore. what was the word?

Unknown said...


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Noob Mommy said...

Hey there! Just found your blog and it's great. Keep it up daddies!

Soccer Dad said...

I had a blank tile, found a spare E and threw down the word DRAWING. I also tried WARNING but EW was not a work. ED was.


OFW2OnlineFreelancing said...

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Mama Nabi said...

There isn't a lot that's sweeter than a 7 tile bingo in Scrabble... but I'd have to say that getting a 7 tile bingo word while playing against your father-in-law HAS to be up there in top five or something.