Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Angry Asian Man notes how adoptions from China have fallen and he asks: "what drove the trend of all these children adopted from China. Was it simply the fact that it was so easy, with so many children up for adoption?"

I would say this played a huge role in it - China had a large, available supply of babies with relatively easier procedures compared to other countries. It may seem cold to frame transnational adoption in market terms but supply and demand play a fairly substantial role in explaining trends, especially within an international context. I know there are some folks out there with far deeper knowledge on transnational adoption to chime in!


JJ said...

I think this is a great thing.

Especially this part, "There's also apparently been a cultural shift in China, with more Chinese children being adopted at home. More and more and people can not only afford to adopt a child, but culturally, it's more accepted. Throw in some dramatically changing attitudes towards gender, and it's a whole new adoption game in China."

Anonymous said...

Actually the reason there is a downshift is because the time line to adopt from China went from one year to three/four years in addition to much stricter finical guidelines.

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