Monday, August 10, 2009


Women mimic their own mothers' parenting practices. But men? | Los Angeles Times


Obiwanhavanese said...

I can say that it's a much more egalitarian way to parent, duties are now split, responsibilities shared. I know from my own experience that I want to be more involved, much more than our fathers and fathers before them. I don't think many men could get away with not helping out these days, the wives just wouldn't stand for it.

My life is definitely richer that I'm involved with the raising of my own children. The article is definitely an over-generalization, but I'll be the first one to admit that I pass on things that I've learned from my mother, minus the spanking.

thisislarry said...

My dad has told how lucky I am that fathers' roles these days are so open to personal interpretation. When I was born, the dads weren't allowed in the delivery room, and were expected to provide discipline and not much else.

Also, coming from a pretty strict Chinese upbringing, I think his expectations of fatherhood were already on the more conservative side.

I think he really enjoys being affectionate with his grandkids, and in being so, has thought about what he missed out by not knowing he could be that way with his own kids.

In that sense, I think its good that as a dad i dont necessarily want to emulate the parenting style of my dad, and I dont think my dad would disagree.