Saturday, August 14, 2010

Pass the Peas

I always knew this day would come but nothing prepares you for when it actually does. The above picture is our 5-year-old son Maceo posting up with funk legend, and his name source, Maceo Parker. A nice security guard hooked us up with the privilege of a face-to-face with a musical icon.

These things could turn out disastrous (I feel bad for all the kids named after Mikes Tyson or Jordan) but Maceo P. was a solid stand-up cat and couldn't have been nicer. He expressed delight over young Maceo's shirt (an $18 custom job that references Maceo & the Macks' funk gem "Soul Power '74"; it says MACEO 74 soccer-style on the back). They shook hands, we took a couple of silly snaps, and gave him dap.

Our Maceo got a day to savor his name being announced repeatedly over the loudspeaker and watch another Maceo tear it up. We got our 2010 Christmas card pic and a lasting memento to frame in his room.

Pass the peas! Thanks Maceo!



Mama Nabi said...

That's freakin' EXCELLENT. Pass the peas, indeed.

thisislarry said...