Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Am I really going to be a dad?

It's so strange as I sit here at work picking the dry boogers from my nose and not believing that I am actually going to be a dad. I guess it has not hit me since my wife is not showing yet, and the only evidence we have of the pregnancy are the dry heaves that she has occasionally which throw me out my chair. Seeing the baby on the ultrasound was so surreal, since it actually had two arms and two legs with a trunk and a head. The face looked like something from Alien, but I am hoping he or she has the good looks of my wife!!! :)

I have occasional panic attacks at night when I think that I am going to be a parent. Insane, but yet exciting in a quirky way. My buddies with kids tell me that it did not hit them until they were in the car driving home from the hospital for the first time with their babies, and then they started peeing their pants. I have a feeling I may be wearing a diaper after my wife has the baby just in case.

Anyways, just some thoughts from a dad to be.


honglien123 said...

Something from Alien is not so bad, my hubby said our baby boy looked like a "spit wad" from the first ultrasound pics. Although, maybe I shouldn't say that since "spit wad" was kind of prescient as the boy drools in bucket quantities.

thisislarry said...

I remember our first ever ultrasound. My whole worldview changed dramatically right then, when I could see that 10-week old heart a-pumpin' away.

Enjoy the time you have remaining as parent-to-be, Dr Lo. Go see movies! Sleep in late! Make snap decisions about when to leave the house! Leave small, swallowable sharp objects laying around the house! Spend two hours doing something, anything, without interuption!

Henri said...

Whoa a trunk? I'm sorry to break it to you "Doctor" but I'm afraid to inform you that unless you are the son of Shiva and Parvati I think your wife has been fooling around with Ganesha.