Monday, May 28, 2007

Rice Daddies Podcast...Launch!

Rice Daddies Podcast #1

That's right - a bunch of us (Poppa Large, Instant Yang, Henri and Daddy in a Strange Land) got together to launch the first Rice Daddies Podcast. Vis a vis the magic of internet-assisted conference calling and some sound editing to "fix" all our "ums" and long-winded chatter, we pulled together this half-hour conversation in which we covered:
  • Just what the heck is a rice daddy and what is the relationship between fatherhood and Asian American-hood?
  • What are the differences in identity politics between our generation and our kids' gen?
  • Azia
Please be kind to the fact that this was a first-time thing and we're still learning the proverbial ropes. That said, if you want to hear more, let us know too since we'd like to turn this into a regular feature rotating through all the Daddies in the house.

Thanks to Instant Yang for setting up the tech, and to him, Henri and DISL for participating!

--Poppa Large


Anonymous said...

Thought provoking podcast, guys. Kudos on raising the important questions about race that we're all facing as parents. Please continue to talk about race and not just parenting on your site. That's why we read. We can get Daddy anecdotes anywhere else, but you're our only source for talk about boba tea, links to Asians on the cover of "things you don't need, but totally want" catalogs, and cute Asian/hapa baby pics. Congrats on your podcast. Well done. Just like how my family thinks I went to UCSB years ago. Ha, ha!

daddy in a strange land said...

Yeah, baby! We're all multimedia like that, yo.

SoulSnax said...

congratulations, gentlemen, on this fine achievement. [passes cigars all around]

it was a wonderful start. Looking forward to more!

Hanh said...

keep casting yo

honglien123 said...

Nice podcast guys. You definitely brought up some issues that the hubs and I discuss occasionally. Can't wait for the next one.