Monday, June 25, 2007

Soccer Dad: Why We Write

For some, writing is a solitary experience. The sole reason is for self-expression, to scratch a creative itch dwelling deep inside. For others, it's about standing up for the little guy, to right wrongs and spring innocents from jail. Then there's the addictive quality of spotting your hard work staring back from the newsstand, or seeing some people at the coffee shop engaged in something you wrote.

Whatever the motivation, nothing prepares you for the day when you dazedly walk into a fried chicken joint after a long day of moving stuff to see this huge vinyl poster next to the soda machine:

That quote is a snippet from a mini review I quickly scribbled off about ten years ago, when I was helping out the food section of the paper I worked for. The piece was about Popeye's Fried Chicken, and how the recipes are derived from respected cajun chefs. Really, their red beans and rice is the bomb. I thought nothing of it, forgot about it actually, and now ten years later it's hanging in every Popeye's franchise coast to coast.

It's the most bizarre validation I've ever had over something I wrote. The cashier, however, was not impressed and would not break me off a free 3-piece (spicy with red beans and rice, natch).

Popeye's fans, represent!



Anonymous said...


i am convinced there is some crack in those pieces of fried perfection . . . and no meal at the popeye's would be complete without the red beans and rice! (*i think it's also the same crack used in the krispy kreme glaze.)

thisislarry said...

Woo hoo! you rule!

So does Popeye's, but you rule!

SoulSnax said...


YES!!! I knew it. I've always said the same thing about their "fried perfection." It's definitely the crack. Has to be.

And yes, the red beans and rice are da bomb. Beats the pants off the cajun rice.

would you believe that I had never been to a Popeye's until recently?

daddy in a strange land said...

Gee, I guess I'd better head over to the one local branch in town to pig out, er, I mean, check out Soccer Dad's poster. Yeah, that's what I meant...

Tracy said...

Just found your blog today. That is so funny but so cool! Wait until the kids are old enough to understand. LOL. A story to pass down for generations ;)

Love the lolkidz - That is so hilarious! Wish I would have thought of it myself.