Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Who says Asians can't drive?

If anything, they should be allowed to drive at 8 months!!


Mrs J said... that was precious. what is s/he driving? (sorry, i can't tell) is it remote controlled? i'm thinking my peanut may need one. :-P

thisislarry said...

Well, that's a new one.

"Hey get off the road, you drive like a toddler!"

SoulSnax said...

mrs j:

yup, that scrumptious 8 month old is a she. My wife HATES pink, and likes to dress her in blues. So, until she got her earrings in last week, everyone thought she was a boy!!

and to answer your question, it is a remote-controlled car. It also has a functional accelerator pedal and gear shift knob that older kids can use to maneuver the vehicle sans-RC. We picked it up at Toy Kingdom store in the Philippines. I don't know if they sell anything like that here in the USA though.