Monday, January 26, 2009

What Can Brown Rice Do For You?

I've been blessed with the Asian gene where I don't have to watch what I eat. Between 3 pickup games (sometimes 4 if I'm lucky) a week and general puttering around the house, I can basically eat whatever I feel like and regulate the waistband. I've gone two driver's license renewals (over 7 years) and still have the same weight on the driver's license give or take 2-3 lbs.

That said, I'm getting that middle age gene where you try (brainwashed?) to eat more healthy. On a whim, I bought a 20 lb bag of brown rice. I've enjoyed brown rice sushi and thought this would be a healthier transition for us. Maceo is cool with rice as long as it comes with a dash of furikake nori. His favorite dish is salmon teriyaki mixed with rice and peas and a dusting of nori. Dude can put it away and hold up his scraped dish proudly.

We're two weeks in. Is there such a thing as rice regret? I think I have it.

It took a damn week to figure out the water-to-rice ratio and I still haven't perfected it. I'm tossing in an extra 3/4 cup of water and it still comes out al dente which blows ass. It doesn't sit well overnight. The tipping point was when I made a pot roast. I made a gravy with the drippings and naturally dumped it over the brown rice. The homestyle treat that appears in many bento boxes suddenly didn't make sense. Gravy is inherently evil in the healthy food department and brown rice sits at the other end of the spectrum. It was like driving to a Green Party rally.

I think this dilemma is going to haunt other tasty specialties I make. Bacon fried rice, my usual go-to leftover rice dish, will just seem odd with brown. Or brown rice Spam musubi. I can't bring that over to the Super Bowl party; I'll get my ass kicked.

Thankfully, Maceo is good for any kind of rice as long as it comes with a nori sidecar. Wifey is OK with it as she's more on a health jag than me but I can tell she misses the white sticky stuff. I miss it too, especially the smell of a freshly made pot of jasmine rice. Brown rice smells like a paper bag or a rolled up newspaper. This may be a quick experiment.

Any brown rice-files out there? What the hell is wrong with me?



Rachel said...

We have a zojirushi (sp?) with a brown rice setting, and it comes out perfect. You can also do brown rice in a covered dish in the oven. Use a 2/1 ratio of water to rice, and cook at 400 for about 45 min or until water is absorbed.

amy said...

We also have a brown rice setting on our rice cooker and noticed a huge difference in the rice. We also mix brown sweet rice in with our brown rice to get some of the sticky texture! Good luck!

Anonymous said...

my mom's a diabetic, so white rice is not the preferred, the dr. told her to get down with brown. it did NOT go well. anyhow, in the end, she ended up doing a combo of 1 part brown rice:2 (2.5) parts white rice. and she seems happier now (as is her dr.).

good luck.

Mama Nabi said...

That's all you need. It even plays a little music when the rice is done. Ta Da.

Henri said...

Dude I'm from Berkeley....brown rice is for sissies. We're eating quinoa.

It's great with bacon and sour cream and whisky and fudge.

Soccer Dad said...

Investigating all leads zojirushi. It looks like the iMac of rice cookers.

Anonymous said...

A Zojirushi rocks, I have one and will never give it up. Brown rice is good, it can even be yummy with that nutty taste. But I've always believed that no self respecting Asian (of any percentage) would ever ONLY eat brown rice. A combo of 2:1 white:brown works well. Good luck getting through that 20lb bag!

Soccer Dad said...

Holy crap. The Neuro Fuzzy one is $160! And it takes almost an 45 minutes to an hour to cook brown rice! Is this normal?

Anonymous said...

unfortunately the rice cookers are that expensive. but if you are ok with it not being too sticky but just want it to cook more than al dente, you may want to soak your brown rice for a few hours before you cook it. my mom keeps it soaking in the fridge overnight and then cooks it the next day. and she also uses some brown sweet rice too. . . hope you have better luck! we do all brown in my house too. . . .

SoulSnax said...

WTF is Zojirushi? Brown Rice setting?

I got my rice cooker at the dollar store, so there's no brand name or brown rice setting. All I do is use the 2:1 water to brown rice ratio, plug it in and press the button. Voila, you have brown rice in 20 min.

And, yes, I use tap water.

Anonymous said...

Soak the rice for 2.5 hours.

christina said...

Zojirushi is a brand name for a rice cooker. It does that that long to cook rice, it also has other settings like sushi (45 min), regular (50), and some other ones I can't remember but like for flavored, if you use chicken broth, etc. It's worth the price. I didn't know other rice cookers cooked rice in such a short amount of time...20 minutes?! Really, is it cooked through? I think the wait for a Zoji is worth it though, it's always perfect when it's done.

christina said...

It should read "It does TAKE that long to cook". Sorry.

Anonymous said...

my sis and i switched to brown rice a few years ago. my mom gave us one of those fuzzy logic rice cookers that does the job! it's much faster and softer though if you soak the rice first. soak it in the morning or overnight and it is super soft and tasty. and yes... we use it for kimchi fried rice w/ spam and it is still hella tasty!

KP said...

Why cant you just have both in your pantry and switch off once in a while for variety? Dilemma solved! Rice has a pretty long shelf life so its probably not going to go bad.
White rice IS the best though...yumm!

thisislarry said...

hmmm, I'm stuck somewhere between Soul Snax and Zojirushi lust.

I'd be able to better justify buying one of these machines than a home theater receiver or a capuccino robot, that's for sure.

Our dolla-store rice cooker is bombproof tho, I dont think it will break down in my lifetime. Maybe it will have to have an 'accident'....

thisislarry said...

oooh, another vote for lust:

the neuro fuzzy with some design-y bits.... -L

Soccer Dad said...

We have a Toshiba Chime-O-Matic that's served me well for damn near 17 years. It's survived multiple moves and makes perfect rice in 20 minutes. I'm going to try soaking the rice before I leave for work then hit cook when I get home. Hopefully that will do the job.

Ed L. said...

Why don't you go with haiga-mai (more polished than brown rice, but not as polished as white rice) - it's a pretty nice compromise between the two.

mary said...

I despise thee.... brown rice.

Anonymous said...

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Henri said...


...and wtf did that have anything to do with Brown Rice?

Our salvation lies in Quinoa. If you had read my comment it would have saved your spam.

Hmmm Quinoa and spam. Should have thought of that long ago!

Anonymous said...

Hi! New. Came from KimchiMamas.

The key to brown rice is letting it soak. Add a little more water (sorry I'm old school and use my fist to measure my rice/water ratio) and let it sit for a few hours before cooking. Should do the trick.

But, you're right, it doesn't hold well until the next day. And kimbap tends to be a little more loose. :-)

Anonymous said...

We've tried switching more over to brown rice, too. The other day I made jasmine rice again for the first time in a while. My husband: "It tastes like it was milled by angels." And it really did. :)

Pamela Morgan said...

I love brown rice but was surprised to learn that white rice usually has more vitamins. The main benefit of brown rice is that it has more roughage. If we eat a good diet of vegetables we should get plenty.

I've switched back to white and only occasionally eat brown.

Anonymous said...

I'm very happy with brown rice with the exception of sushi rolls. I love brown rice bentos and dons too! Sometimes I use basmati brown rice. Last night I just used normal brown rice and it turned out pretty well, with a slightly sticky texture. I use a rice cooker but not a special one.

Anonymous said...

we have a pressure cooker/rice cooker so guess what, brown rice in 20-30 minutes. i use the old ancient method of finger measurement for water. where ever your middle finger lands on the top of the level of the brown rice, allow water up to the first digit, slightly over it. key is brown rice takes bit more water than white.

Anonymous said...

that wasn't clear. middle finger the line right below your nail, where your finger can bend, that first line..good luck. my brown rice comes out great everytime, fluffy, but honestly, nothing beats white rice.

Unknown said...


I'm new to this blog.

Anyway, there's a whole bunch of different types of rice besides polished white round grain (japonica) rice. Try them all.

There are other grains, too. The distant ancestors of those with Asian genes began their agricultural period eating millet. I don't know what it tastes like, but it might be worth a try.

Being diabetic myself, I have to limit my total carb intake. In practice, this means cutting down drastically on white rice. But cutting down does not mean total elimination. East the white rice on special occasions or for favorite foods only.