Thursday, September 17, 2009

Boy, Girl, Gay, Straight, I don't care...

Our second child was born yesterday, and upon learning that it was a boy, one family friend responded, "Oh, as the father, you must be pretty excited to finally have a son!"
I'm like, "What, do I look like some kind of meathead? I don't care if it's a boy, girl, gay or straight. As long as it's healthy and happy." (You can imagine how mortified my devoutly Catholic mother was to hear that.)
"Don't you at least want someone who will carry on the family name?"
"First of all, it's just a name," I replied. "Secondly, that's not even our real name."
"What's your real name, then?"
"I have no idea," I said. "No one knows."
"What do you mean? How could no one know?"
"See, most Filipinos will proudly explain that the reason they have a Spanish last name is because they had a Spanish ancestor, like a hundred generations back," I explained further.
"What, are you saying that you don't have any Spanish ancestors?"
"Probably, maybe some haciendero who took a servant as his mistress. But the real reason we have Spanish last names is because the Spanish colonial authorities got sick and tired of trying to figure out the indigenous surnames. So, back in the 1800s, they gave the natives a list of Spanish names to choose from."
"I had no idea."
On another note, I suggested giving the kid my wife's last name, since we named him after my late father-in-law. But my wife said it was bad enough that she never changed her name. She didn't want her in-laws a reason to resent her.


Anonymous said...

congrats - he's BEAUTIFUL! =)

Keith Wilcox said...

I had heard that about Filipino names, but didn't know know the details. You just inadvertently gave me a history lesson. Thanks!

Richard said...

Hello, I just created a top list of best websites for dads (or future dads): Could you share this with your readers?

BTW, grats!

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Ka_Jun said...

Congrats! I figure most Pinoy can just go by Pinoy X, unless you have an OG Pinoy name, then your ancestors were probably collaborators, but what do I know?