Monday, September 18, 2006

Get a Sitter and Go See This Movie

Awarding-winning indie film "Red Doors" by writer/director Georgia Lee is currently packing theaters in New York and opens on Sept. 22 in San Francisco and Los Angeles (see the film's website for theater information). The film centers around a dysfunctional Chinese American family and the complicated relationships between three sisters and their father. The filmmaker and the movie's supporters are making a concerted effort to fill seats in order to demonstrate that there is an audience for Asian American cinema, so if you're lucky enough to live in one of those three cities [sniff], get yourself a babysitter [yeah, I know, most of you are saying, movie, what's a movie?] and go represent.

CityMama has a cool interview with Georgia Lee up on Kimchi Mamas right now, so go check it out. [Also, for those of you who've heard scuttlebutt in the AsAm blogosphere about "controversy" over portrayals of Asian men or interracial relationships in the film, please check out Angry Asian Man's excellent coverage of the issue (and the film in general) to set yourself straight.]

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Violet said...

there really aren't enough movies about dysfunctional {Western country here}-Asian families. I bet this one won't make it out to NZ though.