Sunday, September 24, 2006

Interview with Ninja

Henri: So you are a Ninja?
NinjaDad: I am NinjaDad.
Henri: Umm I see.
NinjaDad: I have a blog.
Henri: Really, what's a Blog? Is that something new? It sounds very novel.
NinjaDad: I have read yours. Now read mine.
Henri: Well actually I was here to interview you about being a Ninja.
NinjaDad: ...or you can die.
Henri: Hmm ok I promise to read your blog later.
NinjaDad: NinjaDad dot com.
Henri: Of course it is. Anyways I wanted to ask you a few question about Ninja and I guess also about being a Dad.
NinjaDad: I am NinjaDad.
Henri: Yes we have established that. So is there a NinjaMom?
NinjaDad: Unfortunately no, she passed away a year ago.
Henri: Oh I'm very sorry to hear that.
NinjaDAd: Want to hear a joke?
Henri: Actually let's talk about fatherhood.
NinjaDad: Knock Knock.
Henri: Um Whos...
NinjaDad: This is where I would kill you but since you are interviewing me right now I will only pretend to kill you.
[flurry of movement]
Henri: Um you just cut my arm off.
NinjaDad: Yes but you are not dead. In the real joke I would kill you before you finished saying who's there. And then as you lay dying I then say...NinjaDad.
Henri: Umm can I get a medic here. Can someone dial 911.
NinjaDad: It's in my blog this Knock Knock joke. It's very funny.
Henri: Can someone call Soccerdad and have him reserve the bed next to him so we can hang out while they sew my arm back on.
NinjaDad: Stop talking to other people, you are here to interview me.
Henri: I'm afraid you ended the interview when you cut my arm off.
NinjaDad: Oh sorry if I had known that I would have told a different joke.
Henri: Um can I get like a paper towel here. Is there a la Doctora in the house?
NinjaDad: Stop being such a baby.
Henri: Are you making the all-done sign at me?
NinjaDad: [waving hands] Yes. All-Done. You are big baby.
Henri: Join me next week everybody when I interview...[thud]
NinjaDad: I am NinjaDad.

1 comment:

NinjaDad said...

For the record, this "interview" has been heavily edited to make me look like someone that I am not. I am a kind loving father who just also happens to be Ninja-American. It is because of people like you that Ninja stereotypes are perpetuated in our modern day society. I kindly ask that this posting be removed or I will have no other recourse than assasinating all of your loved ones in their sleep and burning your village down to embers hot enough to sear the spirits of your ancestors.