Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Soccer Dad: Hauling A

I left my editing job two weeks ago. Took a contracting job at a local digital music distribution company whose name rhymes with "Thigh Spoons." That's the easy reason why I've been M.I.A. (how many logins and passwords do reasonable people need?); the more honest reason is that I've been following Mase in his dust. He's mastering the walk and motoring all through the house. Damn, why didn't someone remind me how much this ratchets up stakes. It's fun to watch except when you're concentrating on something like cooking or personal hygiene. The dog is especially patient with sudden sneak attacks. Go, Maceo, Go!

The paper allowed me a lot of freedom and was real close; now I'm facing a square 9-5 with a 10 mile commute along a major traffic artery. It'll take some getting used to, but my boss is awesome and there are 20,000 rea$on$ why this is a better look for me, Mom and Maceo. And I hear they have lunchtime pickup soccer games FOUR DAYS a week! I'm going to break these tech fools off something proper, once the workload slows down. If it slows down.

We celebrated our 10th anniversary with an insane splurge meal at Manresa. Pictured is breem sashimi, one of over 12 courses we ate with corresponding wine flights. As Mac Dre says, Treat Yourself Don't Cheat Yourself.



honglien123 said...

Congrats on the iTunes job and fat ass raise. And thank you for explaining what that picture is because before I read the post, I was staring and staring at it to figure out what the hell it was.

daddy in a strange land said...

Dinner at a nice restaurant... sans child...


:) Anyway, congrats on the job and the anniversary!

Sugarbread said...

OMG so that's where you've been! I've been wondering how Thigh Spoons has been treating you, if you like it. We want MORE details. Do you miss being a pop music critic? And you went ahead and done did it. Spent an irrational sum of money on endangered species. Hey, whatever floats your boat.

Tomorrow night I am planning on making grilled bonito tacos for some friends. I hope they turn out nice.