Friday, September 29, 2006

Who saw what?

I don't know if this is scary, entertaining or both.

Seriously, how thin is the line between child welfare and self-righteous bulls--- in these posts? That said, it should be a cautionary tale for people to keep their yaps shut when they don't know who they're talking to.

--Poppa Large


Anonymous said...


I saw your daddy, short funny looking asian guy, at the Irish Bank drinking Tullamore Dew and Guinness waving photos of you to everybody and screaming in a really bad Irish accent:

"My Suhn, my suhn. Tis a pichur of me boy and he's the finest looking boy in all the land and if you be doubtin me I'll crack you in tha face"

And then someone yelled "shut up your not Irish" and then your Dad ran up and punched him in the face and yelled "Hows that fer Irsh ferya?" and then the cops came and your Dad was crying and yelling how muched he loved his beautiful Irish son. And when he was gone everyone clapped but then in a few minutes the whole bar missed him. And then the bartender said, "Don't ever tell Henri he's not Irish"

Unknown said...

ok, who didn't bring enough "wacky snacks" for the class?

anyhoo... re: isawyournanny - is this an offshoot of the numerous conversations that went on over at

when i used to lurk on their boards there was always someone on there talking smack about some nanny, smoking dope while her charge ate out of a garbage can at some park, yada yada yada...

which made me so glad that i didn't/don't have a nanny. and yet i'm ALWAYS mistaken for one! one of these days, i'm gonna have to take the kids to the fake and bake or something.... ;p

i feel for those people who have nannies and suspect them of some wrong doing. but, i don't find the idea of spying or reading about it remotely interesting/entertaining.

if i didn't trust someone to watch my kid, i wouldn't get a camera or hire someone to spy... i just wouldn't hire 'em or i'd just fire 'em when i felt like i had to... end of story.

Anonymous said...

#1. love the new banner - cutie pies!
#2. i have a nanny and we love her.
#3. i have to agree with mommazilla - if you suspect your nanny of ANY wrong-doing, get rid of them IMMEDIATELY. (*gotta go with your instinct on this one . .. )

Anonymous said...

I grew up with nannies.... (well, apparently not 'professional' nanny per one nanny's list of what makes a real nanny - 1) our nannies didn't speak English...) and I've learned early on that telling on the nanny usually resulted in my mother thinking I am a liar and the nanny being extra mean afterwards. One nanny turned out to be completely senile (I was 4 or 5 when left alone with her all the time) and the other one hit me all the time. I checked out the blog - talk about filling my head with ucky images, about nannies, about parents with nannies, about people who watch these nannies and actually have the energy to report them... I'd like to think the world isn't just made of these people so I guess it won't be on my list of fav reads.

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