Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Hey guys,
Wow, this is the first time I have ever blogged, so I am sort of nervous and shaky. Sweating in my palms as we speak. Daddy in a Strange Land was nice enough to invite me since I am a soon to be dad. As for the hazing, it was a drink soy sauce until my urine turned dark but I am now recovering after dialysis. I am a Korean American from the "hood": Anaheim, CA. Haha, just reminds me of that scene from Swingers. My wife is Korean American but not from the "hood". We actually found out several weeks ago about the pregnancy, but did not tell anyone until last week when she made it through the first trimester. It still feels unreal, and it probably won't hit me till she starts getting a little pooch in her belly and feels the baby moving. In the meantime, I have been talking to her belly and calling him or her "baby".

Just an introduction about myself, I am Dr. Lo Siento which means "I'm Sorry" in spanish, since I am a family practice doctor who works with mostly spanish speaking patients. I pretty much Lo Siento everyone when I started working straight out of residency since I did not know what I was doing alot of the time. I have been out 3 years, and still often feel clueless. Doing breast exams and pap smears on men, asking people who have high blood pressure if they have nipple discharge, accidentally burning women's behinds with the pap light after putting in an IUD, anyways, you get the point. I was always saying Lo Siento for some reason to practically every patient I saw. Sometimes I feel like the show Scrubs was reality for me, and I could practically write for them with my real life experienes. I would totally ask patients in the hospital if I could eat their food. Sometimes that chocolate pudding looked really tasty, and of couse I did not want it to go to waste. The hospital cafeteria chicken, melts in your mouth like butter. The diarrhea following was worth it. Residency, oh residency, crazy days.

Anyways, we are really excited about the baby, but nervous at the same time. It's crazy since we still feel like kids ourselves sometimes, but I know God will definitely get us through. We just pray that the pregnancy will go well. Thank you guys for letting me be part of this blog site.


weigook saram said...

Congratulations, and I'm looking forward to reading your posts.

Anonymous said...

congrats on the pregnancy news! this is such an amazing time for you and your wife . . . enjoy it!

i look forward to reading your posts and hearing funny doctor stories . . .

Puka said...

Oh yeah, another K dad! ^_^ Welcome and congratulations to you and your wife.

Superha said...

Doc, you rock. We're so excited about the little one on the way. You will make a wonderful, Daddy and the wife a wonderful Mommy. Welcome to blogdome. :)

daddy in a strange land said...

heh. ask the good doctor why "lo siento" doesn't exactly translate when he's saying it while doing a breast exam. ;)

honglien123 said...

Congratulations and welcome!

Henri said...

Welcome new dad to be! Here are a few tips.

Pregnancy schedule:
1st trimester: Plan Bar
2nd trimester: Build Bar
3rd Trimester: Stock Bar

Oh and don't forget this wonderful Rx:

Feed Baby q3h x 90 days
unlimited refills.

You thought residency was tiring? Ha! Umm....well yeah actually yes residency is more tiring. Nevermind. Oh and don't forget to eat out and go to the movies a lot.